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Tips For Having the Perfect Liposuction Surgery


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Going through liposuction allows people to get rid of excess fat in areas like the stomach, buttocks, and chin. These areas are more prone to developing fat, and the fat is often stubborn, not even responding to diet and exercise. Those considering going through liposuction procedures must be aware of what to expect. After reading this information, liposuction candidates will feel better equipped to go through with treatment. 

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure carried out in a doctor’s office. Patients are placed under local anesthetic before the doctor makes small incisions in the treatment area. The surgeon then floods the fatty tissue with medications that numb the area and control bleeding. This fluid also helps facilitate the removal of fat cells. Those interested in this procedure should get a private consultation

The doctor inserts a fine tool that breaks apart the fat cells and suctions them out of the body. The entire liposuction treatment usually takes around two hours, depending on the surface area covered. 

What to Expect from the Recovery Process

Liposuction procedures offer help for those suffering from flab that will not respond to diet and exercise alone. To get the best results, patients must be within 30% of their ideal body weight. People cannot expect liposuction procedures to help them lose weight. The following tips should make the recovery process much easier for those going through liposuction treatments. 

Individuals must realize the recovery times and be prepared. Most people experience some degree of discomfort during the first couple of days after surgery. Discomfort is normal and typically goes away quickly. 

Most people are able to return to work within a few days. Patients will remain sore for up to two weeks and may need to limit their activity accordingly. Always follow the doctor’s orders after any surgical procedure. 

Around the two-to-five-week period after surgery, the pain should be mostly gone. People begin noticing changes in the treatment area around this time. Most can resume moderate exercise three to four weeks after their liposuction procedure. 

After six weeks, most people will begin to see significant results and will no longer need compression or pain medication. It will take up to six months before the individual can see the final results of their liposuction procedure. The results unfold slowly during the recovery phase. 

Helpful Tips for Going Through Liposuction

  • Eat a healthy diet when going through the recovery process after liposuction. Healthy diets flood the cells with the nutrients they need for healing. Increase protein intake because it helps with the healing process. 
  • While you should rest for the first 24 hours, moving after the procedure is essential. Taking a short walk each day will increase circulation to the body and improve the healing process. 
  • Proper hydration is also critical during recovery from liposuction. Drinking plenty of water will prevent swelling and help the body flush out any excess fluid and fat in the treatment areas. 
  • Keep the incision sites clean at all times. Cleanse the areas as prescribed by the doctor to prevent infection. Do not take a bath or shower until directed by your doctor. 
  • Do not wear clothing that is overly restrictive. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing throughout the healing process. 
  • Individuals should carry out lymphatic massages weekly. These massages aid the lymphatic system in moving excess fluids and toxins from the surgical sites. Massage helps people see results faster and reduces the healing time. 
  • Follow up with the doctor as ordered to ensure the treated areas are healing as expected. Most people will need to see their doctor a couple of times after their liposuction procedures. 

Learn More About Liposuction

Liposuction procedures have come a long way since being introduced to the world in 1975. Today’s procedures are less invasive than in the past and more effective at removing stubborn fat from treatment areas. 

Those interested in undergoing liposuction should schedule a consultation to learn if they are a good candidate. Liposuction procedures help tone the body and give people the confidence they never thought was achievable. 

You should consider seeking liposuction if diet and exercise have left behind stubborn areas of fat. Liposuction safely removes excess fat cells, and they never grow back. Learn about this procedure today to get started on transforming your body. 

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