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Benefits of NCERT Books in UPSC Exam Preparation


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If you are currently preparing for the UPSC exams then you must know how important it is to select the right set of books. To cover the whole syllabus, you just need the right strategy and the right books. And selecting books for the UPSC preparation is one of the crucial tasks. You just do not need to mug up all the books; instead, you need specific books to take you in the right direction. 

The UPSC exam is tough when it comes to the syllabus, but you must keep in mind that the right strategy and dedication can sail your boat across. It is highly recommended to study the NCERT books for the preparation for UPSC paper pattern. These books are not only the base for your preparation but you can directly get questions from these books. 

There are several benefits of using them. In this blog, we will discuss the top benefits of using NCERT books as your base for UPSC preparation.

Top benefits of using NCERT books in UPSC exam preparations

1. NCERT books strengthen your basics

When it comes to UPSC preparation, it is very important to have clear concepts. For more understanding and a better connection of topics, you need to understand the base of the question paper. NCERT books are the best way to clear your basics.

NCERT books are simple in language, easy to understand and simply focus on the main topics. Reading NCERT books will give a clear concept of everything in the syllabus. Once you are clear of the basics you can move to the next level of books to strengthen your ideas with more complexity.

2. NCERT books will help you kick-start the preparation

The UPSC exam is huge in terms of the syllabus. You might sometimes feel distressed about starting your preparations. The best way is to start with the most basic things and then increase your level to the high. NCERT books are the best way to kick-start your UPSC Preparations. 

They will give you a solid base and a high level of understanding of topics. It makes studying easier in the beginning and gives candidates for the civil service more self-assurance.

3. NCERTs give you an authentic information

NCERTs are authentic as they are designed by government officials. They are a complete package of knowledge with sincere and genuine information. Because the civil service test is based on outdated NCERT, the candidate should endeavor to update the current data properly. NCERT books are the finest source for developing a firm foundation in any topic for the Civil Services Examination.

4. NCERT books give you a better explanation

NCERTs serve as the foundation for the whole preparation process since they are the most fundamental books and are written clearly and objectively with plain language. From these texts, one may learn most of the fundamentals of geography and history. Second, the language used in mains response writing should be comparable to the writing style of these publications, making them an essential component of preparation for the Mains test.

5. You may get direct questions from NCERT

One of the best things about NCERTs is that there are huge chances that you might get a direct question from the NCERT books. Sometimes the UPSC asks questions that are directly picked from the NCERTs, in such cases, NCERTs will be a huge benefit for you. Who doesn’t want to get direct questions from the things you read? Well, it is recommended to go for the NCERTs as it completely satisfies the UPSC paper pattern.

6. NCERTs are affordable

You should pick these books since they are not just inexpensive, but also incredibly accessible. Even purchase them online.  And if you choose not to shop online, you can also get the NCERT books from your local bookstore, which are also pretty reasonably priced.

If you don’t want to buy the physical copy or don’t have the money to do so, you may also obtain the online edition and PDF of NCERT books. The affordability and accessibility of these books are other fantastic factors that emphasize their significance for UPSC hopefuls.

7. NCERTs are easy and simple to grasp

Because of its straightforward and easy-to-understand language, it assists many UPSC candidates in correctly grasping topics and minimizes the learning curve needed when UPSC aspirants master new subjects.

As a result, aspirants will develop confidence as they begin to comprehend ideas and subjects, and they will be able to quickly prepare and cover the remaining Syllabus since they have previously learned essential concepts of the courses.

Concluding words

Before beginning UPSC preparations, it is critical to stick to a strict timetable for all you undertake. Another critical aspect of UPSC preparation is the material you utilize. Choosing the proper material will point you in the right way; nevertheless, choosing the wrong material may pose a major problem.

 The NCERT books are one of the greatest strategies to study for the UPSC ESE civil exam pattern. These are easy publications with verified material that will prepare you for a solid foundation. These books are highly suggested if you want to get started with your timetable.

Frequently asked questions?

Are NCERTs enough to prepare for the UPSC exams?

UPSC exam has a huge syllabus and NCERT is considered to be one of the best books to start with. Creating a base for the preparation is very easy as it will help you understand the higher logical terms and situations. Once you are perfect on NCERTs, you can move to the higher-level books.

Can I get NCERT books online?

NCERTs are available almost everywhere. Be it any market or any e-commerce website you can always find the NCERT books. You can download the PDF for the same.

How to prepare for UPSC using the NCERTs?

First, pick a subject and then begin reading a specific subject book from 6th to 12th grade. Second, attempt to comprehend the fundamental principles and take your notes on the second reading. Old NCERT books are advised for history, whereas new NCERT books are suggested for geography.

 Make a timetable to complete NCERT reading in roughly 2 months once you’ve created the list of books. Without a doubt, NCERTs are the core texts that are required for the UPSC test, but be sure you complete a minimum of two readings of these books for the UPSC in two months.

Are NCERTs necessary for the UPSC preparation?

NCERTs give you a perfect base to prepare for the civil service examinations. You will find it easy to prepare with these books because of the simple and easy language. These books are even available in Hindi and English language too. You must go for the NCERTs at the beginning of the preparation to ace your thinking and understanding. 


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