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Everything you need to understand about the Amazon ASIN


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Developing a good understanding of the concept of ASIN is very much important because with more than 12 million products the product catalogue of Amazon is ever growing and thousands of ASINs have been created every day for all of these products.

What do you need to know about the concept of ASIN?

ASIN very well stands for the Amazon standard identification number which is made up of 10 characters which will be numbers, alphabets or a combination of both. Basically, this is known as a unique identifier that will be assigned by amazon.com and the associate partner and this very well means the product which will be having its unique code which the customers can identify throughout the process. People can easily find out two items which will be having the same ASIN because they will be quite unique within a marketplace.

How is the concept of ASIN has to be used?

It is very much important for people to develop a good understanding of the ASIN Amazon because it is unique and will not only be used on amazon.com but will also be used on several other marketplaces in the form of Amazon.CA, and Amazon.CN and other associated places.

When you should create a new ASIN or use the existing one?

For every product which has to be sold on Amazon, there will be only one ASIN on that particular product page which makes it very much easy for the customers will defy them without any problem. If Amazon will be finding any kind of duplicate ASIN, then they will definitely be merging it without any doubt in the whole process. So, the following are some of the cases in which you need to have a good understanding of all the things:

Using the existing ASIN: Before you will be selling a product on Amazon it is very much important for you to check out if the ASIN is existing on the product or not. If it is existing then you can definitely sell your product under the same ASIN by doing this you will be able to share the same product page with other sellers who will be offering similar products. In general, the retailers and retailers will be definitely coming under this particular category.

Creating a new ASIN: Whenever you will be checking out the ASIN Amazon then definitely if you are not finding one then you need to create a new one. At this particular point in time, you need to create a new product in the Amazon product catalogue list first and once you will be creating the product Amazon will be assigning a unique ASIN to everyone so that you will be able to Get started with the whole process. Private label sellers, brand owners and exclusive distribution of the rights will be definitely helpful in making things work for you in the right direction.

Why the concept of ASIN is very much important for businesses?

The concept of ASIN is very much important for the people as well as for the business organisations as well as Amazon because it can be easily used in terms of tracking the inventory and ultimately can be used as a reference in the cases of catalogue data. Basically, this will be an index of the product catalogue pages to search in the browser and ultimately this will be the bedrock of the catalogue structure so that concern people will be able to enjoy a good number of benefits in the whole process. In this particular scenario, people will be able to deal with the technicalities very easily and further you will be able to find out room for searching through the multiple product categories without any problem. Customers in this particular case will be definitely able to finalise the product description or ASIN into the search box very successfully and ultimately you will be able to find out the exact product for which the people are looking. This particular concept will be definitely helpful in providing Amazon with a good number of benefits in terms of displaying the exact role details in the searching results so that things will be streamlined very easily without any doubt. Therefore, as a seller, it is very much important for people to include the right option of ASIN dedication into the products so that searching becomes very much easy and there is no chance of any kind of issues in the whole process.

What are the very basic ASIN requirements for the product?

In some cases, Amazon will be having some restrictions to be complied with in terms of including the ASIN and if you are interested to sell out a practical product which is already listed on Amazon then definitely there is no need of creating a new ASIN. You can easily match your product to the existing options in seller Central in this case.

Depending on the sales history, listing details and several other factors Amazon will also be able to limit the number of new listings which you have to create. Amazon in this particular case will definitely be suggesting to the people the priority over the product which you are planning to list and ultimately this will be helpful in improving the sales factor without any kind of problem throughout the process.

What is the product variation policy of Amazon?

Amazon sellers are consistently dealing with multiple product variations at the time of adding the concept of ASIN and this will be helpful in providing people with a perfect opportunity to comparison in choice of products depending on multiple attributes like size, colour and other associated things. So, becoming very much familiar with all of these technicalities is definitely the importance of the different child versions will be understood and chances of any kind of misuse will be the bare minimum in the whole process. Ultimately developing a good understanding of the Amazon selling partner API with the help of experts at SARAS is definitely important so that everyone will be able to make light decisions and can enjoy perfect survival in the competitive scenario in the modern-day business world.

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