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Why Most Trucking Accidents Occur During the Holidays


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The holidays are busy due to more people on the roads. Often, most drivers are preoccupied with other things while driving, which causes mental distractions. There are numerous reasons why trucking accidents are common during the holidays, and some of them include the following:

Fatigued Driving

Most truck drivers operate their vehicles under pressure once the holiday season kicks in to ensure the packages get delivered to clients promptly. Truck drivers work long hours as they rush to deliver goods to clients, leading to inadequate rest. Some truckers use stimulants during such tight schedules to drive at night or stay awake. Truck accidents are more dangerous when drivers are drowsy and fatigued, as it impacts the driver’s judgment, alertness, decision-making capabilities, and reaction times. Fatigued and drowsy drivers are the primary reasons for more truck crashes during the holiday season.

Overloaded Cargo

There’s a demand for additional cargo that must be transported to clients during the holidays. Most trucking companies try to maximize their profits by reducing the total number of trips to transport the cargo to the required location. The approach proves effective for the company due to minimal gas, driver wages, insurance, and vehicle maintenance expenses. As a result, trucking companies may overload their trucks on purpose to deliver as much cargo in as few trips as possible. Overloaded cargo is a safety hazard and may lead to tire blowouts, brake failures, truck rollovers, and drivers losing control.

Poor Weather Conditions

Wintertime is usually notorious and is a dangerous time for truck drivers. Aside from the increased number of vehicles on the road, freezing rain, sleet, and snow obstruct standard driving conditions. Unpredictable weather patterns are life-threatening to truck drivers, as accidents are bound to occur if proper caution isn’t followed. Truck drivers should observe extra precautions during extreme weather conditions to minimize speed and create extra space on the road. Slowing down is essential, and it takes truckers a considerable time to stop fully. Creating extra space is essential for truck drivers as trucks need it during extreme weather conditions to minimize avoidable accidents.

Impaired Driving

Holiday seasons are difficult for truckers on the road. Alcohol consumption increases during such times, and some truck drivers reach for drugs that may impair their judgment when they need to perform. The drug of choice for most truck drivers includes stimulants such as methamphetamine, creating a feeling of alertness that allows truckers to stay up for a long time. Unfortunately, stimulants will backfire if used for a long time, which can lead to accidents. Drivers who use stimulants during the holiday season to meet extreme demands are more likely to get involved in a serious trucking accident.

Poor Truck Maintenance

The hectic deliveries and pace during the holiday seasons make some companies cut corners to meet the demand. The approach can be extremely hazardous as poor maintenance usually leads to trucking accidents. Some companies skip maintenance to save time, while others save money. Whatever the reason, trucking companies that fail to schedule routine maintenance of their large commercial trucks may subject their truck drivers to deadly crashes. Some businesses assume the risks of poor maintenance and send out trucks with minimal safety gear, bad breaks, and other hazardous road damage during the holiday season.

Lack of Training

Most retailers hire seasonal workers who may be inexperienced to meet the demand during the holiday season. Most companies opt for faster training which produces commercial truck drivers with minimal training on safety precautions while driving. Most companies hire inexperienced and young truck drivers to meet client demands during the holiday season, regardless of the dangers associated with such actions.

Individuals who sustain injuries following a truck accident should hire a seasoned commercial truck accident lawyer. Working with a reliable attorney enables you to receive compensation for lost income, medical bills, and other expenses.

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