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Why do some websites do well in terms of rankings well others don’t?


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Why do some websites do well in terms of ranking well others don’t? This question is in the mind of millions of bloggers and website owners today. You can see in the Google index that some websites rank higher and some websites even don’t rank. Lilo Web Design says that it sometimes happens that you put a lot of content on your website and invest so much money in its development and marketing but still you can’t get enough lead. On the other hand, your competitor is getting more traffic than you even the contents are very much less on your competitor’s website. You will probably be thinking about the reasons why your website is not ranking on Google and getting more traffic. We have written this short piece of article to guide you about this problem. We will discuss some reasons why do some websites do well in terms of ranking well others don’t. 

Major reasons why some websites don’t rank in Google Index:

Slow speed of website

The slow speed of your website can kill all traffic of your website. The speed of the website is more important on the mobile because 50% of internet users surf the internet through mobile devices. On average, a website takes 5-6 seconds to open but have you ever thought that how long the users are actually waiting for opening the website? Just 3-4 seconds on average! If your website is not ranking it might due to the slow speed of your website. You simply have to fix it otherwise a large group of peoples will bounce back without visiting your website and Google will count your website as “Non-Engaging”. Google looks at your engagement matrices before ranking of your website. Engagement matrices include many factors such as the time for which the visitors are sticking around your site and the rate of bouncing back from your website.

If your website is too slow, people simply cannot see your page and you’ll get no traffic at all. You have to solve the speed issue if you want to rank your website. Different free tools can be used for this purpose such as PageSpeed Insights from Google and SEMRush (Trial version).

Non-Engaging Content

It is another major reason why some websites don’t rank on Google. When you think about developing your website, the first step is the selection of a highly profitable niche. Niche is a topic or domain which you going to represent on your website. Some niches are really profitable while some are useless. The selection of the wrong niche is the biggest reason why you don’t get any traffic. On the other hand, if you have selected the right niche, it is compulsory that your content should be according to the taste and demand of people. Engaging content is always according to the taste of the target audience. Non-engaging content can cause bouncing off the people from your homepage and it is not good for your website. You can make engaging content by knowing what people actually want to read. Keyword research is the best way of knowing people demand. Many tools are available for this purpose such as Ubersuggest. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your content

SEO is a key to rank in the Google index. SEO of your content means the correct and enough use of targeted keywords in your content. SEO optimization can be done by using different tools such as Yoast SEO. Once you have done correct SEO of your content with targeted keywords, the people will land straight on your website through Google search. It will increase both your website ranking and your domain credibility.

Publishing after large intervals

Publishing the contents after large intervals could be the reason why your website is not ranking on Google. People who love your blog or website want to read fresh content every day and if you fail in updating new content, they will start leaving your website. We highly recommend that you should publish at least 2-3 posts every weak. You will certainly see search ranking going up if you publish fully optimized content at a regular cadence. Remember, Google always wants updated information and if you provide updated information through your website, Google will rank you as an authority. Many websites fail to rank in the Google search index because they were updated before years and internet users simply don’t want to visit such websites.

Poor Navigation or Organization system of website

Internet users want a very easy navigation system on the website in which they can search different pages in just a single click. So, an overcomplicating navigation or organization system could be the reason why your website is not ranking on Google. You should have a clear structure of your website, the people will visit again and again on your contents and if the structure is complicated, the “bouncing rate” will increase thoroughly. Remember, the more comfortable and easier website you have the more traffic rate will you get. So, always focus on the structure and navigation system of your website. An ideal structure of the website is that in which people can easily move through different pages by just clicking them. All your pages and categories should be available on the homepage. You can use the assistance of an expert web developer for this purpose.

Working on Super Competitive niche

If you have chosen a niche that is super competitive in the market, you have to work hard to rank it in the Google search index. Some niches or industries are very difficult to rank. For example, the Insurance niche is very competitive nowadays. You should choose keywords that have low competition and high searching volume if you want to rank quickly. As we have discussed earlier, you can find low competition keywords by using some free tools such as Ubersuggest. Choosing a Super Competitive niche is not a bad thing but choosing highly competitive keywords is a very bad practice in SEO perspective.

Hope you will like our effort, Thank you very much for your precious time!


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