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What Is Memory Foam? Do We Need It on Our Mattress?


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Were you thinking of buying a new mattress? You must have encountered the term “Memory foam” while browsing your requirements on the Internet. 

Choosing the right mattress for your specific requirements can become a task, especially when coming across such technical out-of-the-world jargon. 

It’s not fair; buying a mattress shouldn’t be that tough, which is exactly why we’ve decided to break things down for you. 

We’re going to discuss all memory foam mattresses and why they’ve taken over the market so much so that they are everywhere. 

Let’s dig into the topic one by one. Shall we? 

What is a memory foam mattress? 

Also known as visco-elastic foam, it is made up of polyurethane and different chemicals, which helps provide the mattress with the viscosity it needs. 

Not just that, the mattress also comprises different springs, which help it bounce back to its original shape. Memory foams are viscous, which is the very USP of the product – it means that the mattress will not indent or sag due to body weight – and will also prevent motion transfer. 

Made of multiple layers of several types of foam, a memory foam mattress is designed to mold your shape during sleep and regulate body heat so the mattress does not trap it. 

Usually, these mattresses have three layers; however, depending on the manufacturer, they can have as many as 4-5 layers, namely the cover, the comfort layer, the transition layer, and a core base. 

Since the mattress contours to your body shape, the firmness remains but does not trigger your pressure points, providing extreme support and comfort when in bed. 

The good thing about such mattresses is that even though they adjust to your body’s curves, they slowly restore to their original shape whenever the pressure is released. Although, they will remember your body’s curves for the next time when you choose to catch some Z’s. 

All in all, the foam uses the heat of the body to soften and mold itself according to the curves and requirements of the person. 

To put it in perspective, memory foam mattresses are supportive, comfortable, and healthier – especially for people with bad backs. 

Benefits of buying a memory foam mattress

1. Improved Support 

As explained earlier, memory foam mattresses are designed specifically to mold your body’s shape – thereby providing optimal support and spinal alignment. These are created to offer the users personalized comfort, ensuring your personal needs are catered to. 

2. Zero Motion Transfer 

If you are a light sleeper, you need a mattress that would help you improve your sleep quality, irrespective of whether you are sleeping with someone. Usually, people who experience disturbed sleep cycles tend to complain about their partner moving a lot. 

People struggling with such situations must get themselves a good quality memory foam mattress that promises zero motion transfer. 

3. Offers Pressure Relief 

Memory foam mattresses are responsible for providing you with the utmost comfort when you get into bed. They hug your body and mold into your curves, allowing maximum support and alignment to your neck, back, and shoulders. The mattress does it by evenly distributing your body’s weight across the surface to prevent the pressure points from getting triggered. 

It, therefore, allows relief from joint and back pains. 

4. Hypoallergenic 

The viscoelastic material is impenetrable by dust mites. This is because of their high density. This means it is a great choice for people with allergies and sensitivities since it does not accumulate any allergens and irritants. 

Who should buy a memory foam mattress? 

  1. You need motion isolation because you are a light sleeper. 
  2. Sleeping in a medium firm bed is preferable to you than sleeping on a substantially thick mattress. 
  3. You often encounter joint and back pain due to the stiffness of your current mattress. 
  4. You experience muscle soreness and want to find a way out. 
  5. You keep getting restless while sleeping and have become a light sleeper due to constant disturbances.      


Choosing the right memory foam mattress: 

1. Firmness 

The firmness of your mattress is very important, and deciding what level of firmness makes you comfortable whenever you choose to hit the hay is also crucial before you invest your hard-earned money anywhere. 

You can understand it with three categorizations: very soft, medium firm, and very firm. However, people’s preference varies greatly depending on their weight, special health conditions, and comfort. 

Choosing a medium-firm mattress should work for most people unless they are habitual of sleeping on rigid beds with stiff muscles. You can also opt for a trial that most reputable manufacturers offer to their customers for a better experience. 

2. Thickness 

Most people end up confusing mattress density with its thickness. Ideally, mattress thickness should be the measurement of the mattress from its side, which could be anywhere from 6 inches to 14 inches – subject to the manufacturer. 

It would be best if you went for a memory foam mattress with a thickness of around 6-10 inches. 

Note that apart from the cumulative thickness of the mattress, you should also check out the thickness of each mattress layer. Renowned mattress manufacturers like Emma offer cushioned top layers for body contouring and comfort. 

3. Density 

Contrary to the thickness of the mattress, density refers to the measure of foam used to build each layer of the mattress. Memory foam comes in different densities; the higher it is, the better it gets for people in the long term. 


Memory foam mattresses are an excellent option for people looking for comfortable, convenient, and affordable mattresses. They are great for pain relief and also promise sound sleep to people. If you want a good quality foam mattress from a reputable company, we suggest you check out Emma Original Mattress. 

They are the talk of the town as they’ve offered thousands of customers the sleep of their dreams. Check out their entire collection here! 


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