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Sustainability in Logistics: CG Logistics’ Commitment to Environmental Responsibility


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The logistics sector is critical to the functioning of current society, and it plays a major role in supporting economic growth and development. Though, logistics activities create a significant impact on the environment, encompassing greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and resource depletion. In recent times, there has been an accelerating awareness of the requirement to promote sustainability in logistics, and entities like CG Logistics (CGL) have been at the forefront of this movement.

Currently, green ideas and climate risk awareness are the main drivers, not only for business but also for private and community life. In the last few years, the tendency towards the application of green initiatives has increased significantly. This is specifically observed in the logistics and transportation sector, in a bid to use more environmentally friendly practises.

The fact cannot be denied that logistics are considered a fundamental aspect for companies and for economic development as well. As the emphasis on sustainability accelerates, as a consequence of the urgency for climate action, entities are adapting their logistics procedures to a new sustainable framework that comprises warehousing and transportation.

Along with the establishment of a sustainable working environment, there are numerous key initiatives that the CGL India has started to reduce their adverse impact on the environment. Sustainable logistics and supply chain management play a major role in achieving a lesser ecological footprint, as well as the management of risk and the reduction of waste costs.

Discussion about sustainable logistics

Sustainable logistics searches to decrease the footprints of entire activities are connected to how the resources of an organisation are dealt with from the acquisition stage to the stage of distribution. The objective is to decrease the overall ecological footprint, such as greenhouse gas emissions, accidents, and noise pollution, among other things, by providing alternative options that permit entities to maintain or improve their productivity. It is good to mention that productivity and sustainability are not inconsistent.

Initiatives implemented by CG Logistics

In the current scenario, CG Logistics is shifting its traditional logistics practises into more sustainable procedures. This transformation comprised all efforts at the company level and will support the maintenance of the well-being of the planet. But consequently, it also assists in achieving organisational benefits as well. CGL is a best logistics company in India, which is engaged in providing a range of services, including project cargo transportation, domestic and international freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and many others. It is one of the best international logistics service providers, offering end-to-end logistics solutions to clients across the world. As a responsible corporate entity, CG Logistics is dedicated to the promotion of sustainability in all its activities and has applied various initiatives to make its logistics operations more sustainable. The company mostly uses eco-friendly packaging materials and encourages clients to accept sustainable practises. They also heavily invested in new and innovative technologies for the optimisation of their operations and to decrease fuel consumption.

As one of the leading logistics companies in India, CGL is committed to promoting sustainability in all of its operations. With an emphasis on reduction of the carbon footprint and encouraging environmental responsibility, CG Logistics has applied various initiatives to make its logistics operations more sustainable.

One of the main initiatives taken by CG Logistics to encourage sustainability is the use of green energy. For example, CGL has invested in solar power and other renewable sources of energy to power its activities, decreasing its reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. This has not only helped the company reduce its carbon footprint, but it has also helped to lower its energy costs. By making use of renewable sources of energy, CG Logistics has decreased its dependence on fossil fuels and taken a major step towards promoting sustainable logistics operations.

Another measure taken by CGL to promote sustainability is the adoption of eco-friendly practices. In this aspect, the organisation has applied various measures for reduction of waste and emissions, including the use of fuel-efficient vehicles, the use of waste management practises, and some others. Moreover, CGL, one of the air charter company in India, has also invested in the latest technologies, such as tracking shipments on a real-time basis, decreasing the requirement for physical documentation and the related paper waste.

Additionally, CGL is engaged in project cargo movement and it is also committed to endorsing sustainable transportation solutions. As one of the best air charter companies in India, the company is engaged in providing aircraft charter services that are basically designed to decrease the environmental impact of air travel. The company is also working with charter airlines near me to provide the most efficient and sustainable air transportation solutions to its clients. The entity has also used multimodal transportation solutions, which pool distinct modes of transport like air, sea, and land, to decrease the carbon footprint of logistics activities.

Moreover, CGL is also providing project cargo management services that are also designed to reduce the environmental impact of cargo transportation. The entity is working with project cargo companies to advance sustainable transportation solutions that are tailored to the requirements of its clients. For example, CGL uses specialised equipment to handle heavy cargo, decreasing the requirement for multiple trips and thereby decreasing the carbon footprint of cargo transportation.

Apart from the above, the following practises have been applied by CG Logistics to increase sustainability in the logistics operations:

Harness Data

Forming data is the heart of supply chain activities permits businesses to work in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Improvement in freight collaboration and product tracking with an open logistics ecosystem supports the establishment of a connection between business and management logistics through monitoring the transport methods on a real-time basis.

Additionally, CGL can also decrease the risk of empty mileage by loading transport vehicles to their optimum capacity, which is environmentally as well as profit-friendly.

Utilisation of pop-up warehouses 

The last-mile delivery emissions connected with e-commerce are increasing in a continuous manner, and thus logistics service providers are under pressure to identify ways of reducing their carbon footprints.

Establishment of the pop-up warehouse assists businesses in getting closer to clients, which is a superb way to decrease last-mile emissions. Pop-up warehouses support a reduction in delivery time and cost and provide higher flexibility to decrease supply chain disruptions.

Additionally, CGL is using warehouses for storage of inventory close to demand and establishing on-site retail and pick-up points to decrease costs in a significant manner. This is considered a great way for CGL to optimise the supply chain while supporting the environment because the cost of renting a warehouse is less than the shipping cost.

Thus, CGL has implemented a number of initiatives for sustainable logistics practises. Entities that are in compliance with environmental security are ahead in the competitive market. Along with contributing to the future of subsequent generations, altering some corporate standards for sustainable models could leverage sales and activities. Along with this, accepting changes in the logistics can also assist in improving the efficiency of the involved procedures and support a reduction in cost, agility in the delivery system, and consumer loyalty.

If you want to know more about CGL’s activities and its services, connect with us.


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