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Link Shorteners: What They Are, Benefits and the Best Option To Use


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It often looks like the links got bigger and bigger as the internet evolved. Then we started seeing link shorteners to simplify those unpronounceable, impossible-to-save, and difficult-to-share URL codes.


In the beginning, these services only needed to summarize a link. But nowadays, with the volume of links circulating on social networks, companies need to facilitate the buying process. 

Therefore, the new shorteners also offer other features, such as custom domain, link, campaign management, integration with other service tools or automation, and deep links for retargeting campaigns.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn all about link shorteners, how to use them, which is the best free URL shortener for your company, and much more.

What Are Link Shorteners?

Link shorteners are tools for creating shorter links. They are widely used to create short (and often personalized) links on YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Linktree, among others. 

This tool is popular among digital marketers who post their product URLs to their social pages. Since links to the sales page are often too bulky and long, it is advisable to shorten them to make them look smart with URL shorteners.

What Are the Benefits Attached to Using URL Shorteners?

Now that you know the tool, you might wonder why to shorten a link. The most obvious benefit of link shorteners is making a long URL shorter. From this, we also have that they become friendlier and easier to memorize and share.

In addition, links are getting longer and longer due to the tracking parameters included in them (the famous UTMs used mainly by digital marketing). However, it is the short links that are most trusted and generates the most clicks, so using a URL shortener ends up being a handy tool.

Another important point is the possibility of customizing the URL and making it very objective. Finally, you can monitor how many clicks each created link receives, which helps a lot when creating a content or conversion strategy.

How To Put Link Shortener?

Most free URL shorteners work in a very practical and intuitive way. All you have to do is open the tool’s website, paste the URL you want to summarize, and click on “Shorten Link.” From there, a shortened link will be generated that you can copy and paste wherever you want: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In the case of tools that require creating a user or subscribing to a plan, you must follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the website. Some of them allow you to link your login to your Google or Facebook account; others will send you a verification email.

Remember to protect your credit card details whichever way you access the tool. So personally, I suggest you use a free URL shortener like Youtube Market URL shortener to avoid putting in your credit card.

What Is the Best Link Shortener?

To answer which is the best link shortener, I will imagine three different situations and suggest the best tool for each case, okay?

  • Case 1: You need a link shortener occasionally and want to reduce the length of URLs for aesthetic purposes only. In this case, it is best to use a free tool that does not require a login, such as the Youtube Market URL shortener.
  • Case 2: Part of your job includes conversion. Hence, the most recommended tools allow customizing slug and domain, accessing history, and generating reports. On the side of free platforms, you have some free ones out there to check. As for paid platforms, there are excellent options.
  • Case 3: You have a company, which means high link volume and lots of people working together on campaigns. The best thing in this scenario is to have a link management platform because it will allow you to create short links and organize them, facilitate teamwork, and integrate it with other tools and services.

What Is the Best Ad-Free Link Shortener?

If you want access to an ad-free link shortener, we suggest you use the Youtube Market URL shortener list that doesn’t need you to pay money to use it.

If you still have doubts about how to go about using it, just click this free URL shortener link to view the page and get your link shortened in seconds. Now that you know what a link shortener is and how it works, you are ready to boost sales of products and services on the internet. 

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