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Guide to Basic Baby Textiles


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Preparing the baby’s layette is an exciting task, but at the same time, difficult, especially for first-time parents. The amount of baby textiles is so large that it sometimes becomes challenging to know what you will need them.

With the following guide, we intend to help parents understand the basic textile products for their baby’s daily life and what they are for so that it will be easier for them to choose what should be part of their child’s layette. Also, we will point you to where you can buy all gender-neutral baby stuff.

The Sheets

Baby sheet sets generally have three pieces: the top sheet, the bottom sheet, and the pillowcase. You can choose different sizes, depending on the bed you currently have: 50 x 80 cm if you are using a mini-crib; 60 x 120 cm if you have chosen a standard crib; and even 70 x 140 cm or 80 x 130 cm when using a large crib or convertible bed.

Having more than one set of sheets is recommended, as babies, in the early days, squirt a lot after feedings. Usually, the bottom sheet is the most frequently soiled item, so they are often sold separately to avoid having to buy complete sets.

The Mattress Protector

When we have babies at home, we have “unforeseen events” almost daily: milk regurgitation, pee leaks from the diaper, vomiting… Often, these situations mean getting the sheets dirty, and it is necessary to prevent liquids from reaching the mattress. When that happens, washing is quite complicated, and sometimes removing stains and odor from the mattress is difficult.

Therefore, using a waterproof pad between the mattress and the bottom sheet is advisable. It is important that, in addition to being waterproof, this protection is breathable in order to guarantee the baby’s comfort and long life for the mattress.

The Quilt and Crib Protector

Baby quilts must be made of suitable materials and have some specific characteristics. Usually, they are made of cotton, and their fillers are not very dense so as not to weigh them down and make the baby feel too hot. It is possible to choose sets of baby room textiles, all in the same design. Or choose to combine just a few pieces, such as the quilt and crib protector for example.

The crib protector is also an extremely convenient accessory. By placing him in the crib, you will avoid possible blows from the baby on the sides and head of the bed, trapping the legs or arms between the beams while sleeping, or the pacifier falling to the floor during the night. 

If babies move a lot, some put two protectors, one on each side of the bed, because it covers the entire inner perimeter, and the baby can move without any danger.

The Blanket

Baby blankets are essential when you have a small baby, as they are used to wrap him up and have several functions. You should take one to the maternity ward right away since, right after the birth, it is necessary to wrap the baby while still in the delivery room. It is also used to provide extra warmth to the child if the temperature is lower in the place where he is located or if he needs to be taken to another place.

Baby blankets are in different materials: 100% cotton for the warmer seasons and synthetic fabric, like velvet or wool, for the colder seasons. To choose the most suitable one for your case, you must take into account the use you are going to give it and the time of year you are going to use it. Do not forget that the baby’s blanket must be light and must not have accessories that could come off and suffocate the baby.

Nowadays, there are also very practical cover blankets that “dress” the baby and wrap him up very easily. There are also different materials; in some cases, the exterior and interior are made of different materials. It could be a good bet.

The Duvet

As in the case of sheets, there are also different sizes of baby comforters and the corresponding covers. It is rare to find duvets with the dimensions of mini-cribs, which is easily understandable due to the fact that it is not advisable to use this type of cover before 18 months. From this age on, you can and should opt for this textile item because, in the coldest season, it is warm and comfortable for children.

When you decide to buy a baby duvet, opt for a washable and hypoallergenic duvet, bearing in mind that children’s things have to be washed frequently and that they are often allergic to certain materials.


You may want to add other baby textiles not listed here to your baby’s layette collections. Checking through the collections of gender-neutral baby stuff at our store might give you the idea you need. So if you want to buy any nursery essentials, we are the best plug to get you the quality stuff.

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