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Essential Human Trafficking Movies To Watch From Australia


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Human trafficking is a heinous crime that continues to plague societies around the world, involving the abduction and exploitation of men, women, and children for labor and sex work. 

To raise awareness about this grave issue, several impactful documentaries and movies have been created.  You can watch some of these top movies on Paramount Plus Australia, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. 

In this blog, we will explore a curated selection of essential human trafficking movies. These films offer profound insights into the struggles faced by victims and expose the hidden realities of human trafficking. 

Prepare to embark on an emotional rollercoaster as these films take you on a journey through the treacherous paths that victims are forced to tread as sex workers and endure other unimaginable forms of exploitation. 

Through their compelling narratives and powerful storytelling, they aim to shed light on this grave issue and inspire action against this heinous crime. By harnessing the power of storytelling, these films become catalysts for change, urging audiences to be part of the solution.

The Jammed

In the gripping movie “The Jammed,” directed by Dee McLachlan, the dark underbelly of Melbourne’s sex-slave trade is exposed. This compelling drama follows the harrowing journey of a Chinese mother as she tirelessly searches for her three trafficked daughters.

Released in 2007, this thriller stars Emma Lung as Crystal, Veronica Sywak as Ashley, Saskia Burmeister as Vanya, and an ensemble of talented actors. The story unfolds with the interrogation of a girl by the Melbourne police, revealing a sinister connection to the trafficked girls and a determined effort to silence them.

Amanda Ma delivers a powerful performance as Sunee, the Chinese mother who, aided by Ashley (played by Veronica Sywak), embarks on a quest to rescue her daughters and uncovers the dark workings of the Melbourne Brothels. The film sheds light on the trafficking of international refugees who enter the country with falsified documents.

The Jammed captivates audiences with its gritty scenes and realistic plot, leaving a lasting impact. It has garnered critical acclaim, receiving awards for best feature film, best music, and best script, which comes as no surprise considering its authentic portrayal of the horrors of human trafficking.

Sisters for Sale

Sisters for Sale, directed by Australian filmmaker Ben Randall, is a poignant documentary that delves into the brutal realities of human and sex trafficking on the Vietnam-China border.

The film exposes the harrowing experiences of girls trapped in perilous situations, their fight for freedom, and the agonizing choices they face between their own well-being and that of their children.

Ben Randall, not only the director but also a passionate activist, lends his voice and support to these young girls through his campaign, “The Human, Earth Project.” The documentary features gripping firsthand accounts from the girls, offering chilling insights into how trafficking operates and the inhumane treatment they endure for the pleasure and entertainment of others.

As the director searches for his former students, he discovers that five of them were trafficked to China. He reunites with May and Pang, who have become mothers in a foreign land, while the others are trapped in forced marriages or sold into the sex trade.

Through the compelling stories of May and Pang, “Sisters for Sale” provides a glimpse into the traumatic world of human trafficking. It sheds light on the staggering numbers, revealing that tens of thousands of girls are trafficked each year as sex workers or forcibly married. 

This documentary serves as a powerful testament to the brutality of human trafficking and the resilience of its victims.

Trafficked to Australia

“Trafficked to Australia” is an unflinching documentary that was initially intended to serve as educational material but ultimately found a broader audience. Released in 2022, this hour-long film directed and produced by Dr. Daniel Widdowson exposes Australia’s involvement in the heinous crime of human trafficking.

The documentary skillfully addresses key issues related to human traffickings, such as its methods, accountability, Australia’s complicity, victim protection, origins of victims, the mechanics of trafficking, and the extent of its existence. Through firsthand accounts and official reports from survivors, it provides an honest and transparent exploration of the subject matter.

With Dr. Breann Fallon as the presenter, the documentary features interviews with witnesses and experts who shed light on the reality of human trafficking in Australia. The film serves as a wake-up call, urging society to confront this pressing issue and take decisive action to end it.

Originally intended for students studying Human Trafficking, “Trafficked to Australia” offers a compelling and eye-opening experience for viewers worldwide


When it comes to exploring the chilling realities of human trafficking, these handpicked movies provide a legitimate representation that will leave a lasting impact on viewers. 

Not only can they be enjoyed for their cinematic value, but they also serve as valuable resources for studies and educational purposes, offering real-life stories that shed light on the struggles and experiences of the victims.

Statistics reveal that human trafficking primarily victimizes children and women, making it crucial to understand the gravity of this pervasive issue. These thought-provoking documentaries offer an extraordinary blend of thrill and awareness, compelling the audience to confront the harsh realities of trafficking head-on.


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