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Chanoa: Rose Colored Glasses – A Powerful Tale of Hope, Struggle, and Redemption


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Press Release 2

For Immediate Release

Stephen Flynn


(Tennessee, USA, 16/06/2023) Here’s some good news for all book lovers, the moment you have been waiting for is right here as Stephen Flynn has launched his first novel, “Chanoa: Rose Colored Glasses.” This book will keep you indulging in itself, leaving you eager to flip the pages without any break and dive into the next chapter immediately, from the start till the very last page. 

The talented storyteller through this book will give you an exploratory experience into the life of a social worker. This book will reflect everything from the life of a social worker, from the challenges they have to face, and the adversities they have to overcome, to various experiences they have to encounter. The inspiration behind this thoughtful book is the time that the author has worked in the Office of Children’s Safety in Tennessee. Stephen Flynn witnessed the people’s resilience in challenging situations from his own eyes.  These experiences fueled his passion for storytelling, allowing him to unravel the complexities of human emotions and spirits.

So here’s a little sneak peek into the plot. The story revolves around Chanoa, the social worker with just one purpose: to help everybody. She has this strong thought invoked in her that in her presence, no one will be in danger or no soul will suffer. Unfortunately, her beliefs will soon shatter as soon she faces the heartbreaking reality that she cannot single-handedly protect and save everyone.

Stephen Flynn has dived deep into the world of words. He has not only crafted a full-length novel but also nurtured a magnificent wellspring of ideas for future stories. His love for learning drives him to explore new topics through reading and engaging with his fellow podcasters, subsequently improving his craft.  

So, get ready for a word spell that will keep you intact throughout this compelling book. You’ll surely be swayed by the storytelling and the profound insights the author has shared with the readers in “Chanoa: Rose Colored Glasses.” 

To order your copy of  “Chanoa: Rose Colored Glasses,” Let yourself immerse into this extraordinary literary journey that will leave a lasting impact on your heart and soul. 

About the author:

Stephen Flynn retired from the US Army in 2011 and stepped into a new chapter of his life. In the following years, he looked out for his true calling until he discovered his passion for writing after a few years of searching. Currently residing in northeast Tennessee, Stephen found this region the source of his inspiration. This place has helped Stephen discover his love for writing and is helping him nurture this burgeoning writing journey. Stephen’s passion for storytelling grows further and further with each passing day which is an open invitation for the readers to join him on this remarkable adventure of self-discovery and literary exploration.


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