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Buying an Original Equipment Manufacturer Part: What Are the Advantages?


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Several spare parts options are available to tune up our car. When we go online to tune up our vehicle, there are various options we have to choose from as far as spare parts are concerned, including the so-called OEM parts. What are the original equipment manufacturer’s parts, and what advantages do they bring us?

When we buy a new vehicle, the manufacturer produces 100% of the parts we see. The problem comes when witnessing a break or failure in a certain part. What is the best option to tune up your car? What are the alternatives you can choose?

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and tell you where to get Kawasaki and Suzuki OEM parts.

What Are the Part Alternatives You Can Choose?

To answer that, we can say that there are several options that we have to choose from, some of which are the following:

  • Original spare parts or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts
  • Spare parts of equivalent quality: It is characterized by being carried out without following the manufacturer’s instructions but with its approval that the part is suitable for replacement (because it meets its requirements).
  • Pirate spare parts: This type of part is a false replacement that imitates the original without following the manufacturer’s or quality instructions.

Knowing the difference in quality between original spare parts and those that are not is essential to guarantee the efficiency of the elements of our vehicle. That is why, in the next section, we will study the advantages that original spare parts can bring to oneself and the vehicle.

Original Spare Parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original spare parts, also known as “OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts, are those made in accordance with the specifications and production standards specified by the vehicle manufacturer and may be manufactured by the same or by a different parts manufacturer.

These spare parts are made for a specific brand and model, ensuring that they adapt to both the vehicle and its parts and guarantee their operation on the first day.

Advantages of Original Spare Parts (OEM Parts)

When purchasing one of the three spare parts mentioned in the previous points, it is recommended, in any case, to buy the original ones, since among many others, it provides the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed operation: Since they are parts produced following the manufacturer’s instructions (The manufacturer makes some of these), they guarantee correct operation, similar or equal to that of the first day.
  • Peace of mind before and after the purchase, since the acquisition of this type of spare part rarely gives rise to problems after it is installed in the car.
  • Compatibility: As we have previously highlighted, these spare parts are fully compatible with the part to be replaced, as well as with each of the vehicle’s parts.
  • Guarantee: Prior to the product’s sale, a check and test of each compatible spare part are carried out, as well as a follow-up of the quality standards.
  • Ease of installation: Its installation requires the same durability, technical precision, and resistance.
  • Duration: Compared to other types of car parts, compatible parts usually last approximately 50% longer, depending on the user’s driving style. In turn, the performance will be much higher.

How Can I Know if What I Buy Is an Original Spare Part?

Many factors determine whether the part you have purchased to fix your car is original or not, including:

  • The packaging: Check the quality of both the interior and exterior, as well as that the piece is the one requested. Identify the spare part number printed on the box (if it has a label, it may be fake).
  • Match: The part you have requested must match the part in which you are going to place it (from the previous one); if it does not, it is not an original spare part.
  • Manual: Most items purchased come with an instruction manual; review it and check that it is complete.
  • The cost: We all look for an accessible price or one that suits our needs, but keep in mind that if the price difference is large, it is most likely not original.

Knowing the advantages each type of spare part brings to your car is important. If you are thinking of choosing an original part, don’t go away!

Where to Buy OEM Parts

The quality of the parts is among the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing any vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a motorcycle, an ATV, a snowmobile, or a power product, these parts get the most out of your auto. Make sure your car has original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are made especially for the model and brand of your car.

Your car will operate smoothly and safely for a long time if you choose OEM parts. In the long run, it will also save you money and bother because OEM parts are more dependable, compatible, and long-lasting than aftermarket parts.

Online stores like Pete’s Cycle Co. are Yamaha and Polaris dealers allowed to sell OEM parts. These websites provide a broad selection of OEM components for many cars makes and models.


OEM parts are the best parts that you can offer your vehicle. But you need to be careful when buying so that you won’t be given just some parts with claims that they are OEM parts. This is why we advise you to shop on our webpage to get your desired original quality. If you need a Yahama dealer in MD, contact us at Pete’s Cycle Co.


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