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Allbirds Vs Rothy’s- Which Shoe Brand Is Right for You?


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Are you looking for the best shoe brand for your next event or trip? Whether it’s an event or a trip, your overall personality somehow leads to the way you dress up and the footwear you wear. Agree? With numerous footwear options available in the market, you’re confused about which brand is best for you. Right!

Allbirds. Ruthy’s. Have you ever heard about these two shoe brands? Over the past few years, Allbirds and Ruthy’s both have become renowned shoe brands. Now, you might need clarification about Allbirds vs Rothy’s; which is best?

Let’s dive deep into this article to learn more about these two brands and find the best one for you.

All About Allbirds & Rothy’s 

If you’re looking for comfortable shoes and flats, then you can go with the Rothy’s and Allbirds. These two brands are renowned for their footwear. These two brands have much in common, like they were founded in 2015 in the San Franciso Bay Area. Moreover, since their startup, they have both become popular brands.

Let’s talk about Allbirds First: Allbirds, environmentally conscious clothing, is smashing in fashion. Allbirds is among the fastest emerging shoe companies, specifically regarding comfortable shoes or flats. The main aim of this brand is to offer its customers high-quality shoes. It comes with different styles for both males and females. The unique thing about the Allbird brand is that it has water-repellent sneakers, sandals, flats, slippers, shoes and more.  

Now it’s time to get some information about Rothy’s shoes. Rothy’s is a sustainable shoe company that uses recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to create its boots. Its shoes are made using a 3D knitting process that allows the company to create stylish and comfortable shoes. Moreover, the company offers various styles, including sneakers, sandals, and flats. These shoes are available in different styles and colours. These shoes are for both men and women.  

What’s the Difference Between Allbirds and Rothy’s Flats? 

As mentioned above, Allbirds and Rothy’s are two popular sustainable brands offering various styles for men and women. Both brands use innovative materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, but some significant differences exist. But the exciting thing about both brands is that they flatter themselves using sustainable materials to make shoes more comfortable. Additionally, both shoes are machine-washable, keeping them in top shape easily. 

Let’s have a glance over the differences between the two:


Materials: Allbirds shoes are made from various sustainable materials, including merino wool, eucalyptus tree fibre, and sugarcane.

Manufacturing process: Allbirds shoes are manufactured using a procedure that uses less water and energy than traditional shoe manufacturing methods.

Style: Allbirds shoes offer a variety of casual styles, including sneakers, flats, and loungewear.

Price: Allbirds shoes are typically priced in the $95-$160 range.


Materials: Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Manufacturing process: Rothy’s shoes are manufactured using a 3D knitting process that creates a seamless, comfortable fit.

Style: Rothy’s shoes offer a variety of dressy and casual styles, including flats, sneakers, and sandals.

Price: Rothy’s shoes are typically priced in the $145-$250 range.

Which One is Better for You? Allbirds vs Rothy’s

It’s challenging to decide which is better, Rothy’s vs Allbirds. Both are creating tremendous and high-quality sustainable shoes from sustainable materials. It ultimately depends on you which one you choose. But Allbirds seem cheaper, have better value for money, and are comfortable. Additionally, Allbirds uses natural fibres like wood and wool over polyester, like Rothy’s. 

To make your decision more informative and easier, here are some pros and cons of the two brands based on their reviews and essence. 

Pros of Allbirds: – More affordable, more breathable, more comfortable for walking, available in a broader range of sizes

Cons Of Allbirds: – Not as durable, not as stylish, and not as water-resistant

Pros of Rothy’s: – More durable, more stylish, more water-resistant, and machine-washable

Cons of Rothy’s:More expensive, not as breathable, not as comfortable for walking, and not available in a wide range of sizes


In conclusion, if you’re looking for shoes that enlighten your personality and make you feel comfortable. Then you can go with the Allbirds or Rothy’s. These two are the best brands and give you a cushion and sock-like feel when you wear them. However, it ultimately depends on you which one you want to choose. Additionally, the above-given guide on Allbirds vs Rothy’s will provide a clear idea of which suits you and meets your needs based on their features and price.


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