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8 Adorable Mangalsutra Designs For Brides-to-be


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Lehenga? Check! Jewellery? Check! But wait, are you missing something? Almost no bride remembers her mangalsutra until the last minute, yet it’s the only piece of jewellery you’ll wear after your wedding, aside from your engagement ring. Previously, mangalsutras were only available in a few classic styles, but nowadays, many women choose varied patterns and materials to reflect their personalities while also ensuring that their mangalsutra is suitable for daily wear. So, if you’re planning a wedding this season, take a look at these hot new mangalsutra designs, which are suitable for both conventional and millennial brides.

A Design Mix of Gold and Diamonds

When it comes to the most recent mangalsutra designs, the combination of gold and diamonds is currently the most popular. Brides today want to wear mangalsutras that are both traditional and fashionable. This mangalsutra has a double-tiered design that is partly decorated with gold and diamonds and has a broad half-moon shaped pendant. It is one of the most preferred and simplest types of mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra with a Zodiac Essence

With her looks and costumes, Sonam Kapoor provided us with plenty of wedding inspiration, but it was her mangalsutra design that we couldn’t get enough of. Her mangalsutra was adorned with the symbols of her and Anand Ahuja’s zodiac signs, as well as a solitaire in the centre. This is one of the most unique designs that Sonam Kapoor wore.

A Personalized Design

Personalization has never been more prevalent in Indian weddings. If you’re looking for a personalized mangalsutra that includes both your and your spouse’s names, this is the one to go for. In the infinity-shaped gold pendant, the couple’s name is elegantly etched. This is becoming an increasing trend where the bride tends to wear a design containing a name of the combination of both the better half’s names.

A Modern Design

When we claimed that the mangalsutra designs are undergoing a lot of testing, we weren’t kidding. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind mangalsutra with leaf-shaped diamond clasps on one side and a typical triple thread of black and golden beads on the other. This is one of the most beautiful types of mangalsutra that not only is unique in its design but also enhances the show of the design as it tends to stand out amidst the other types of jewellery worn by the bride. It is an apt example of a combination of modern design and ancient traditions.

Heart Mangalsutra Design

You can choose this wonderful mangalsutra design that boats of ‘all things love’ to show your undying love for your partner. It is made out of a heart-shaped pendant with a carved heartbeat motif inside. The heartbeat design represents your strong love and shows that you and your partner are each other’s life. This mangalsutra design is enhanced by a delicate heart etched with a short string on the principal pendant.

Paisley Pop Mangalsutra Design

The paisley pattern may be found everywhere in Indian weddings, from mehndi patterns to the bride’s lehenga embellishments. And here’s a mangalsutra with a noticeable embossed paisley motif on the large square gold pendant that’s worth admiring. This mangalsutra design has a lot of interesting components. The pendant’s borders, for example, are embellished with floral designs, large gold balls dropping, and ‘jaalidaar’ work in the middle.

Just make sure to buy a Gold mangalsutra from a reputed jeweller; otherwise, you’d end up Googling “why does Gold jewelry turn black”?

Bracelet Mangalsutra Design 

When discussing the latest mangalsutra designs, we can’t leave out the bracelet mangalsutra. The newest fashion in mangalsutra is the bracelet-style mangalsutra, which deserves your attention. The mangalsutra is an auspicious thread because of the fortunate black and gold beads. It can be worn around the neck, on the hand, or a single finger. It is one of its types of mangalsutra and an apt example of ancient traditions taking a modern approach.

A String of Love Mangalsutra Design

This mangalsutra design is essentially a two-for-one deal, with two strings and two pendants. The upper half of the string is made up of classic black beads, while the lower half is made up of two gold chains. This mangalsutra looks great with the trendy heart-shaped pendant. That is not all, though. The traditional vibes are supplied by a diamond-encrusted ball-shaped pendant set on the second chain.

These were some most beautiful mangalsutra designs for brides looking for something unique and out of the box.


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