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4 Things You Need To Know About Swimwear Fabric


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If you have a clothing business or like to sew your own pieces, it is vital to have a good knowledge of swimwear fabrics. Also, knowing where to choose the proper foundation is even more crucial.

In this post, we present 4 essential questions to consider when choosing beachwear fabrics and exclusive foundations from this niche. Continue in the text to understand more and find out where to get a wholesale swimwear private label!


Most countries have nice settings and are known for their beaches, natural beauty, and mild climate, which consequently dictates the way we think and produce fashion. Exactly for this reason, the bikinis, swimsuits, and swimwear manufactured stand out in the market, featuring original cuts, stunning prints, and models that draw attention across the globe.

And, for your brand to gain visibility in such a competitive industry, it is essential to study the segment and research beachwear fabric suppliers that guarantee the quality of their models. It is also vital to find reputable custom swimwear manufacturers to help you style according to your line standards.

Fabrics, for example, need to be specific to avoid later headaches, such as early wear of the piece, faded colors, and discomfort when using them. At first, it may seem like a lot of details, but you’ll soon discover that, with the right research, the garments will look great for a long time!

With that in mind, we’ve prepared material with some fundamental tips when choosing fabric to make beachwear trends real. Check out:

Things To Look Out for When Choosing Your Swimwear Fabrics

Comfort and Freshness

Fabrics with natural and technological bases are essential when producing a beachwear collection. That’s because, as we tend to perspire more at this time of year, the pieces need to be produced with fresh materials, avoiding the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and ensuring hygiene and lightness for the productions.

UV Protection Fabric

It is to be expected that, when using swimwear, the person is exposed to the sun. Much is said about the use of sunscreen, but did you know that ultraviolet rays can reach even the skin covered by clothes?

Therefore, the ideal swimwear fabric is highly recommended to contain UV protection. All fabrics we use in Active Qstom have a UV protection factor of 50+, which guarantees safety and comfort during the summer.

Chlorine Resistant Fabric

As it comes into contact with pool water, it is extremely important that swimwear fabrics protect against the effects of chlorine. In addition to wearing out the colors of swimwear, chlorine attacks the material, damaging the piece.

Even if care is taken, such as washing clothes right after contact with pool water, constant exposure to the substance deteriorates the fabric. For this reason, always choose bases with protection, such as Active Qstom, one of the most suitable factories for making beachwear and which has high technology equipment.

Prints for Beachwear

New fabric prints for swimwear are launched every year during the summer. Use the ones that are most popular in your production, and always be aware of the market trends. Following the catwalks is a fundamental step!

Several types of prints can be used in bikinis, bathing suits, and swimming trunks. Tropical illustrations are on the rise, so how about betting on them?

Active Qstom Swimwear Manufacturer

Active Qstom specializes in sewing beachwear, fitness wear, and bikini for people selling swimwear. You will find bases with technologies that guarantee quick aesthetics and highly breathable, durable, and comfortable swimwear from our company. 

If you are looking for how to start a swimwear line as a seller, partnering with our manufacturing company is the way forward. We are known for our quality products, which can either be you using an already-made print or requesting to design and customize your swimsuit.


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