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5 Reasons Why AV Services Are Essential for Successful Conferences


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AV equipment adds a level of sophistication to events. It can engage attendees and leave them with a longer-lasting impression.

Start by communicating your goals with your AV company. This will help them plan your event properly. You can ask them for a detailed AV checklist to ensure everything will be covered.


Streaming is a crucial part of virtual conferences. It allows attendees to watch from anywhere without traveling or taking time off work. It also means that companies can market events to a global audience and not worry about the venue or catering costs.

Some AV services companies offer equipment rentals like stage and conference sets. They may also provide technical support during the event, like troubleshooting and query resolution. They can also help with the streaming, using encoders to process audiovisual media and turn it into a streamable file. Moreover, they can provide remote Wi-Fi or cellular bonding connectivity, which is important to ensure that the conference can be streamed with high quality. This is known as AV as a Service, or AVaaS.


Interactivity can be defined as users’ ability to shape a text’s reception. Unlike traditional transmission models of communication, interaction allows for the active shaping of messages by receivers.

AV equipment can help make meetings more engaging, especially for remote employees. With hybrid working becoming the norm for many organizations, meeting room equipment must support BYOD and flex-time scheduling.

A good AV team can also ensure that presentations and activities are fully interactive. This could include using video displays with interactive whiteboard features to enable attendees to brainstorm, mark up presentations, and more. They can also provide extra extension cords, high-visibility tape, and wire bridges to avoid tripping hazards and other unplanned problems during the event. They can also record and edit sessions for virtual on-demand content.


With the length of meetings dropping to as low as an hour, it’s vital to grab the audience’s attention at the outset and keep them engaged until the end. This is only possible with great audiovisual equipment combining sound and image.

AV conference services can also include live streaming, making the event more accessible to attendees who can’t attend in person. This is an important consideration for events with a global audience.

A good AV team will understand the challenges of a conference and work to ensure everything runs smoothly as the day approaches. They’ll ask the right questions and note your wants vs. needs to provide a solution that meets your requirements and budget.


Audio is crucial to conference presentations and can make or break an event. Good AV equipment will ensure your audience can hear you clearly, without distraction or background noise.

With more workplaces turning to remote communication, creating a sense of collaboration between teams is becoming increasingly important, even when working long distance. AV services can close the gap between distant employees by providing better audio quality during meetings so that everyone can hear each other.

AV equipment is also crucial for large events like concerts or conferences. Having the right audiovisual equipment will create an energetic and dynamic environment, attracting your audience and keeping them interested throughout the show. It will also enable you to convey complex data easily to the audience.


As more offices embrace hot-desking, flex-time, and remote working, the technology supporting their work becomes more intuitive. This means conference room equipment is now more compatible with end-user devices, easier to use, and a pleasure to interact with.

AV can be a vital tool in helping to create engaging events. It’s important to ensure your event AV aligns with your overall event goals and that any automation tools you have in place are aligned and well thought out. Otherwise, existing inefficiencies may be replicated and amplified.

When planning your virtual event, having a dedicated point of contact for all AV-related questions and needs is best. This will help to reduce the number of things that “fall through the cracks” during the run-up to your event.


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